Custom Kitchen & Cabinets Design and Installation

Sleak European Design — Performance Everywhere

Kitchens and Cabinets

Euro-Kitchen Cabinets designs and installs your new kitchen or remodel /resurfacing job. We specialize in custom cabinets and cabinet resurfacing.

Countertops and Niches as Design Elements
The range of high-qulaity countertop designs is extraordinary and each material has its own special qualitties.

Accessories and Drawers
Our drawers are perfection in both appearance and performance. No technical detail disturbs the minimalist aesthetics. The fine, straight-lined frames, which are closed at the side and are available optionally in aluminum or steel, are an ideal fit for the 1 cm look of the side panels and countertops. Drawers and pullouts are extremely sturdy, can be pulled out easily— best of all: You have more design options than ever before.

The World of Materials
You will love looking at it again and again; you will love touching it; you will always be fascinated anew: light, cool aluminum combined with warm and velvety-looking flock; along with fine porcelain and beautiful wood. In order to match the interior accessories individually to the color of your furniture fronts, you can select from various wood choices.